Zongye Huang

Zongye Huang

Advance Macroeconomics (2017)


Syllabus (updated Feb 20, 2017)

Course Instructors: 

Zongye Huang, 325 诚明楼

Email: [email protected]

Office hour: 12:30~13:30 Friday, or by appointment.

链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1bWKYia 密码: es56


  This course intends to survey modern macroeconomics in an advanced level. It consists of two parts. The first part covers topics in economic growth, including both the neoclassical growth models and endogenous growth models. The second part of the course introduces theories on economic fluctuations, such as the real business cycle model, the Keynesian models, consumption theory, and investment theory.


  Assignments,         10%

  Midterm exam,      45%

  Final exam,           45%



  The primary textbook is Romer, D. Advanced Macroeconomics, 4th edition.

  Lecture handouts will be posted.