Zongye Huang

Zongye Huang

Brief CV: 
  • Ph.D. in Economics    McGill University       
  • M.A. in Economics    York University       
  • B.A. in Economics and B.S. in Statistics    Peking University


  • Huang, Zongye, Yu You, forthcoming, “How Does Capital Control Spur Economic Growth?” World Economy.
  • Huang, Zongye, 2017, "Structural Transformation under Trade Imbalances: the Case of the Postwar U.S.", Frontiers of Economics in China, 12(2), 228-267.
  • You, Yu, Yoonbai Kim, and Zongye Huang, 2016, "Exchange Rate Flexibility and Current Account Adjustment: A Threshold VAR Analysis", Frontiers of Economics in China, 11(4), 635-667.


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  • 游宇、黄宗晔,2016,《资本管制对融资结构和经济增长的影响》,《金融研究》,第10期,第32-47页。